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Treevive’s core team consists of experts with a passion for forest conservation in the fight against climate change. We are impact-driven and well-qualified professionals with many years of experience in different working fields.

Liesbeth Gort


Liesbeth Gort

Liesbeth leads Treevive, where she channels her passion for forests solutions and connects them to people and businesses to create lasting social and environmental impacts.
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Paul Hol


Paul Hol

Paul brings three decades of experience in finding effective solutions and financing for large scale reforestation and landscape restoration activities worldwide.
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Rik Sools


Rik Sools

Rik brings in his expertise to design and manage large scale sustainable forest landscape projects, forestry investments and carbon off take agreements.
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Freek Jan Teunissen


Freek Jan Teunissen

Freek Jan brings in an extensive experience in the finance discipline to support and advice the team by achieving the impact goals set.
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Michel Schuurman


Michel Schuurman

Michel brings in over 15 years of experience in sustainable business development, CSR and the creation of (public-private) networks regarding natural resources.
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Miranda Mars


We are supported by the broader Form International organization. A great team of passionate and dedicated professionals with entrepreneurial experience and spirit. This team contains highly qualified forest, carbon, ESG, finance and legal expertise with global experience.

Additionally we work together with our partners and a wide pool of international experts.

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Who we are

Treevive is an impact-driven company that aims to conserve, restore, and sustainably manage two million hectares of tropical forest landscapes by 2030. We close the gap between tropical forest landscape projects in need of financial solutions and investors that seek high-quality, bankable projects for their biodiversity and carbon commitments.

We support project owners with funding and technical assistance to accelerate the development of the carbon asset of their project. We market the results of these projects – including its biodiversity and local community’s benefits – by offering companies that want to offset their unavoidable CO2 emissions high quality forest carbon credits.

Treevive acts as a revolving structure; the generated profits flow forward to fund new forest projects.

Treevive is a sister organization of Form International, which has 30 years of expertise in sustainable forest management, (carbon) certification, forestry investments and the development of forest landscape projects in tropical regions in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Form International delivers a range of related consulting services to clients worldwide.

Treevive’s core team is complemented by a broad and diverse pool of Form International experts, in-country experts and international partners.

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Our mission

We contribute to the acceleration of private sector climate finance for the long-term conservation, restoration and sustainable management of tropical forest landscapes that deliver multiple social and environmental impacts.

To do so we bring together seed capital and skills to transform ideas into investment-ready tropical forest landscape projects. These projects have access to investment capital and the international market for carbon credits.

Green planet
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Our values

Our values are our biggest asset. These five guiding values translates in high-quality, transparent and trustful services and agreements to obtain the best value for our clients and stakeholders. Together we take the initiative and decisive action to stand up and work for a greener and healthier planet.

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How we work

Treevive bridges the gap between projects in need of finance to restore and preserve tropical forest landscapes, and businesses and investors who are seeking to fund these kinds of projects. We offer projects pre-financed technical assistance for project development, and buyers and investors a unique opportunity for early phase engagement in these carbon asset creations.

We focus on (1) new project development; (2) carbon asset development of existing projects; and (3) market access for already developed carbon projects.

Building on the founding organization and partners’ networks with a proved track-record in developing tropical forest assets, Treevive is unique in facilitating long-term sustainable relationships and tailor-made matches.

Quality guaranteed

Treevive applies strict quality requirements and standards for all projects, buyers and investors to ensure strong community and biodiversity benefits, in compliance with international certification standards and ESG requirements. We require buyers of the carbon credits to use offsetting in addition to their robust and transparently disclosed emissions reduction efforts, in line with international climate science.

Why join Treevive

Carbon footprint in forest

Our own carbon footprint

Like others in our industry, we sometimes travel internationally for project visits, meetings and other events. In doing so, we are contributing to air travel emissions. We reduce the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of our travel as much as possible:

  • We limit international travel to essential trips only. We give priority to tele- or videoconferencing and rely on local partners wherever possible;
  • We travel by train or share a car when a trip is under 8 hours;
  • When air travel cannot be avoided, we compensate GHG emissions by purchasing quality carbon credits from our projects.

Besides compensating air travel, we also compensate all other travels and the carbon footprint of our office through Treevive carbon forest projects. For the purchase of office materials and other goods we maintain sustainable procurement policies.

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